Product and industry innovations factor significantly in NeoGraf Solutions’ history. In the 1980s, we not only created a graphite fluid sealing solution to replace asbestos, but also built a market around it. In the 1990s, NeoGraf introduced the first graphite thermal interface material for use in DC-DC converters and the first graphite heat spreaders for plasma and LCD televisions and more. Here is a snapshot of the products NeoGraf offers today.

Thermal Management Solutions

NeoGraf Solutions’ eGraf® products offer a comprehensive range of thermal management solutions for electronics and battery applications. Furthermore, their innovative portfolio includes Heat Spreaders and Thermal Interface Materials, providing exceptional thermal properties and performance. Additionally, NeoGraf’s flexible graphite products are designed to meet diverse thermal management needs, thereby ensuring optimal performance across various applications.

eGraf NeoNxGen is a high-performance, thick graphite thermal management solution designed for the most challenging applications. Notably, NeoNxGen is a reliable, easy-to-use, single-layer solution, thereby eliminating the cost, complexity, and reliability concerns associated with multilayered solutions. Furthermore, NeoNxGen is specifically designed to serve markets with demanding thermal challenges, including consumer electronics, transportation, energy storage, medical, and aerospace industries.

eGraf® SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite heat spreader materials represent an innovative line of products renowned for their versatile functionality. Capable of efficiently cooling hot components, safeguarding temperature-sensitive elements, reducing thermal gradients, and preventing surface hot spots, these materials offer a comprehensive solution to thermal management challenges. SpreaderShield flexible graphite emerges as an indispensable thermal material, catering to a wide spectrum of electronics applications. From the sleek and lightweight design requirements of modern smartphones to the demanding thermal needs of high-power devices, SpreaderShield proves its efficacy across diverse technological landscapes.

eGraf® HiTherm™ thermal interface materials (TIMs) excel in mission-critical applications with extreme heat cycles. They offer low contact resistance and high thermal conductivity. Specifically engineered for demanding solid-state lighting, computing, and power electronics applications, HiTherm TIMs ensure optimal performance and reliability. Additionally, these thermal interface sheets, made of flexible graphite, provide long-lasting solutions for challenging thermal management needs.

Powders & Additives

NeoGraf Solutions’ GrafGuard® expandable graphite flakes and Graf+® graphite powders are unique graphite additives that offer diverse characteristics, features, and benefits. These additives enhance fire resistance, thermal conductivity, and electrical conductivity in various formulations. NeoGraf’s graphite powders and additives come in a range of particle sizes, tailored to meet the needs of numerous applications. Enhance your product performance with NeoGraf’s innovative graphite solutions.

Graf+® graphite powders can be added to a range of polymers to enhance thermal and electrical conductivity, reduce degradation to UV radiation, and increase insulation value in foams and boards. NeoGraf’s Graf+ natural and synthetic graphite powders and graphene nanoplatelets (GNP’s) are available in a range of particle sizes, BET surface areas, Scott densities, and purities depending on the end use application.

Graf-X Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNPs) can be added to a range of materials to increase mechanical strength, enhance thermal & electrical conductivity, and provide barrier properties. Graf-X graphene nanoplatelets are available in a range of lateral platelet dimensions, BET surface areas, and purities depending on the end use application. NeoGraf also provides Graf-X Graphene Precursors (GPs), specially designed graphite materials ready for further processing or conversion into graphene products.

NeoGraf Solutions, LLC offers a variety of masterbatches incorporating its Graf-X™ graphene nanoplatelets, Graf+® graphite powder, and GrafGuard® expandable graphite additives. Graphene, graphite, and expandable graphite additives can be added to polymers to boost their electrical, thermal, mechanical and fire-retardant properties. The use of masterbatches is favored by customers who prefer the convenience of handling pellets rather than powders in their manufacturing processes.

Fire Stop Materials

GrafGuard® expandable graphite flake is a non-halogenated fire retardant additive designed to enhance fire-protection characteristics in various materials. Ideal for building materials and automotive applications, GrafGuard® helps meet stringent fire safety codes. Additionally, GrafGuard® improves the performance of other fire-retardant additives, including phosphates, magnesium hydroxide, and nitrogen compounds. Enhance your fire safety solutions with GrafGuard® expandable graphite flakes.

GrafGuard® expandable graphite flake is a non-halogenated fire retardant additive for materials that require improved fire-protection characteristics. It can be found in building materials and automotive applications to meet increasingly stringent fire safety codes. GrafGuard materials also improve the performance of fire-retardant additives such as phosphates, magnesium hydroxide and nitrogen compounds.

Gaskets & Sealants

Introduced in 1967, GraFoil® material revolutionized the flexible graphite industry as the original fluid sealing solution made from pure, natural graphite flake. Renowned for its exceptional resistance to heat, fire, corrosion, and aggressive chemicals, GraFoil® stands out as the most versatile and universally applicable sealing solution on the market and is successfully used in a wide range of applications across diverse industries.

GraFoil® material was first introduced in 1967 as the original flexible graphite technology. This graphite foil was quickly utilized as the first fluid sealing material made exclusively from pure, natural graphite flake. Its resistance to heat, fire, corrosion, and aggressive chemicals makes it the most universally applicable sealing solution in the market today.

Fuel Cells

Since the 1990s, NeoGraf has been at the forefront of designing flexible graphite for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells. Our GrafCell materials portfolio embodies over 20 years of optimized bill of material and processing parameters, ensuring the most reliable flexible graphite for Flow Field Plates. GrafCell materials excel in high power density applications, including mass transportation, fleet service vehicles, and material handling equipment. Enhance your fuel cell technology with NeoGraf’s proven expertise in flexible graphite solutions.

Since the 1990s, NeoGraf actively designs flexible graphite for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFCs). Moreover, our GrafCell portfolio exemplifies 20+ years of optimized parameters. Consequently, it delivers the most reliable flexible graphite for Flow Field Plates (FFPs). These materials, integral to high-power-density applications, fuel mass transportation, fleet vehicles, and material handling equipment.

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