On October 20th, the Chinese government announced that it will impose additional export controls on certain graphite materials, starting December 1, 2023. While NeoGraf Solutions is investigating the longer-term implications of this development, we wanted to reassure our customers that we expect to continue to meet all our current obligations with them. In addition, NeoGraf, a global leader in Specialty Graphite with manufacturing facilities in North America, is strategically positioned to meet your future needs.

We understand that the security and reliability of our supply chain is of utmost importance to you. Here’s how NeoGraf is committed to maintaining a robust, global supply chain to provide you with consistent, uninterrupted service:

  • Global & Diversified Raw Material Supplier Base: Over the years, NeoGraf has taken proactive steps to diversify our supplier base by seeking alternative sources of high-quality graphite from North America and Africa, in addition to China. This strategy ensures the security and continuity of our supply chain, even in the face of restrictions from a single region. In addition, our long-term partnership with Northern Graphite, which has graphite mines in North America, further bolsters our position as a diversified and reliable supplier.
  • Integrated Manufacturing Footprint in North America: We pride ourselves on being the North American and global leader in the integrated manufacture of high-quality specialty graphite solutions. Our core competency lies in our ability to chemically transform raw graphite flake, regardless of origin, into ‘ready-to-use’ flake with consistent quality.
  • Contingency Planning: Our dedicated team is ready to implement contingency plans in response to any unforeseen disruptions, safeguarding your operations and product quality.

NeoGraf is committed to keeping you informed of the situation as it evolves. In the past week alone, we have seen a significant surge in inquiries for our graphite products and expect this to translate to a future higher demand. Please be aware that any turbulence in the global supply chain caused by the Chinese governments’ announcement, could lead to increased lead times.

As a proactive planning measure, we are encouraging our customers to consider the following:

  1. Any order for the first quarter of 2024 should be placed immediately.
  2. Placing an order to build a safety stock as part of your contingency planning.

Thank you for choosing NeoGraf Solutions as your trusted partner. As a worldwide leader in graphite products and solutions, we are confident that our dedication to maintaining supply chain security and product quality will continue to meet or exceed your expectations.

Your feedback is invaluable to us.
We have appointed a support team that can be reached at info@neograf.com
and are available to discuss any questions or concerns you might have at +1-216-529-3777.


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