Graphite, with its unique combination of thinness, light weight, flexibility, fire retardance, and thermal conductivity, stands at the forefront of innovation in the global market. This remarkable material is revolutionizing a diverse array of industries, from consumer electronics and automotive to building, construction, and manufacturing. Graphite is the key to turning visionary concepts into reality. Explore how NeoGraf is pioneering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry worldwide.

Consumer Electronics

It’s a fact – computers are getting lighter. Cell phones are getting smaller. And televisions are getting thinner. How? One word: graphite. Lightweight, thin and flexible graphite is enabling today’s most desired consumer electronics technology… and NeoGraf is leading the way. NeoGraf’s development team works hand-in-hand with engineers at the world’s technology leaders to make the most advanced electronics possible.

Telecommunications / Computing

As our devices get smaller, our networks get faster, and our world becomes more interconnected, demand for the highest performing thermal interface materials is not only needed; it’s required. Flexible graphite, developed by NeoGraf, provides a material that is easy to install, has an unlimited lifetime, and is able to handle a wide variety of surfaces.


Graphite is leading the transportation revolution. From heat spreaders in batteries, to thermal interface material in LED headlights, to engine gaskets and seals, to fire retardant composites and foams, graphite is changing how we interact with transportation on a daily basis. And NeoGraf is the power behind it, developing new ways to use graphite that every transportation enthusiast would admire.


Sustainability is an essential concept in any industry, but it’s especially important in energy storage. These situations often require the need to store energy for long periods of time, but also be compact and reliable. Economical, flexible natural graphite from NeoGraf is the perfect solution, as it can be used as an aluminum replacement for many long-life battery systems. In addition, NeoGraf’s GrafCell® Materials are used throughout the world in flow Field Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells.


NeoGraf is the recognized leader in the industry and manufactures more than 50 types of graphite laminates to meet virtually every industrial sealing application in the manufacturing industry. From inserts in Teflon® carbon steel and stainless steel to tanged metal and plastic… we can do it all in sizes ranging in thickness from .015 inches to .254 inches and widths up to 24 inches.

Building & Construction

Graphite’s endless possibilities never cease to amaze, even the most technically advanced minds in building and construction. Our treated graphite can be inert for years, but when exposed to the heat of a fire, it instantly expands to several hundred times its original volume, providing both a fire-stop and a smoke-suppressing char layer.  NeoGraf has created a portfolio of graphite additives, some with fire retardant properties and some with electrical/thermal characteristics for use in putties, coatings, foams, roofing materials, and concrete.

High Performance Materials

Graphene is a material that is gaining prominence for its unique properties. At NeoGraf, we have a portfolio of high-performance graphite and graphene nanoplatelet products targeted towards a variety of specialty applications. NeoGraf’s graphite and graphene-based products excel when put to the test of extreme temperatures and high-performance applications.

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