NeoGraf participates in and presents at several trade shows, conferences and webinars worldwide. Sharing our graphite material science expertise is an important step in building and maintaining relationships with our customers. With a broad range of innovative products used in different markets, we are continuously educating our customers and the industry about our graphite solutions. We hope to see you soon at one of our upcoming events.

2024 Tradeshows

2024 Technical Presentations

Thermal Management Workshop

The American Carbon Society has organized a 2-day workshop on Thermal Management to promote high-temperature materials science and technology in the field of thermal management.

Presenter: Andy Reynolds, NeoGraf Solutions Chief Technology Officer
Paper Title: High Thermal Conductivity Flexible Graphite Materials for Thermal Management and Seals in Satellite and Aerospace Applications
Date: March 18th/ 11:05 am
Advancements in Thermal Management Conference

The 14th annual Advancements in Thermal Management is the world’s leading conference for educating attendees and showcasing the technology advancements thermal management and temperature mitigation.

Presenter: Bret Trimmer, NeoGraf Applications Engineering Manager
Paper Title: Faster EV Charging, Extended Range, and Propagation Prevention through Advanced Thermal Management
Date: February 14th/3:30pm

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