Sustainability is an essential concept in any industry, but it’s especially important in energy storage. These situations often require the need to store energy for long periods of time, but also be compact and reliable. Economical, flexible natural graphite from NeoGraf is the perfect solution, as it can be used as an aluminum replacement for many long-life battery systems. In addition, NeoGraf’s GrafCell® Materials are used throughout the world in flow Field Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells.

Grid Storage Batteries

The ability to store energy for use in peak times is more efficient than adding seldom-used generating capacity. Battery systems used for grid storage need to be compact and reliable. In addition to expected lifetimes of up to ten years, these systems must also prevent propagation in the event of a cell failure. Economical, flexible natural graphite is used as an aluminum replacement for these long-life battery systems.

NeoGraf products:

Fuel Cells

NeoGraf’s GrafCell® Materials are converted into Flow Field Plates for Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells. Our materials are used in > 3,000,000 bipolar plates around the world, accumulating over 10 million kilometers of road service in bus and automotive applications and millions of hours of run time in forklift applications.

NeoGraf products:

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