Superior Heat Spreading for Every Application

eGraf® SpreaderShield flexible graphite heat spreader materials are a unique line of products capable of cooling a hot component, protecting a temperature-sensitive component, reducing a thermal gradient, or preventing a surface hot spot. SpreaderShield flexible graphite is a thermal material ideal for a wide range of electronics applications, from the thinnest and lightest smartphones to high-power devices.

Typically, SpreaderShield flexible graphite is used in the following applications:

  • Cooling a hot component
  • Spreading heat to eliminate a hot spot
  • Shielding a temperature-sensitive component from a hot component
  • Reducing a temperature gradient across the surface of a device

SpreaderShield heat spreaders are ideal for a wide range of electronics applications, including smartphones, tablets, displays, set-top boxes, enclosed electronics, and medical devices. You will also find SpreaderShield products in transportation and aerospace applications such as satellites, drones, xEV, marine and grid storage batteries, and automotive electronics.

Why SpreaderShield™ Heat Spreaders?

SpreaderShield flexible graphite heat spreaders are thin, lightweight solutions frequently used in electronic devices and battery thermal management applications.

In electronic devices, SpreaderShield offers superior heat spreading capability in a thin, lightweight form, which is essential as devices become more powerful yet are slim and lightweight in design.

In battery thermal management, SpreaderShield heat spreaders are a direct replacement for aluminum. For the same heat spreading as aluminum, graphite has 1/2 the thickness and 1/3 the weight. SpreaderShield solutions deliver superior lightweight heat spreading performance in battery applications.

SpreaderShield™ Product Portfolio

SpreaderShield products are available in natural and synthetic graphite sheet options and offer various in-plane thermal conductivities and thicknesses. All SpreaderShield heat spreaders can be die-cut or laminated with plastics, with or without adhesives, to meet the most demanding specifications.

  • Natural Graphite
    • A variety of in-plane thermal conductivity options from 350 to 600 W/m·K and
      through-plane thermal conductivity from 2.8 to 4.1 W/m·K
    • A broad range of thicknesses from 0.040mm to 0.94m
  • Synthetic Graphite
    • A variety of in-plane thermal conductivity options from 1350 to 1600 W/m·K and through-plane thermal conductivity of 3.4 W/m·K
    • Thinner than natural graphite with a broad range of thicknesses from 0.017mm to 0.050mm

Features & Benefits

  • Anisotropic ratio up to 300:1
  • Thicknesses as low as 17μm
  • 30% lighter than Aluminum and 80% lighter than Copper
  • Continuous reel-to-reel format
  • Spreads heat up to 4x of Copper and 7x of Aluminum
  • Eliminates hot spots and protects temperature-sensitive components
  • Enables the slimmest device designs
  • Saves weight compared to metal alternatives
  • Ideal for high volume production

NeoGraf’s global team of application engineers specialize in developing and manufacturing high-quality flexible natural and synthetic graphite material solutions for today’s advanced applications. Regardless of your product design phase (concept, prototyping, or mass production), we offer technical answers and thermal modeling support to some of your most challenging problems with a fast response time.


Bringing the Thermal Management Methods of Consumer Electronics to Transportation Batteries Using SpreaderShield™ Flexible Graphite

In many early battery-powered electric vehicles, cell temperatures were controlled by aluminum. It was a time-tested thermal management material and it could take on some of the structural duties of the battery pack. Battery pack designers recognized aluminum’s drawbacks and began looking for alternative thermal management materials. To spread the same amount of heat as an aluminum plate, NeoGraf Solutions’ SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite is only half of the thickness and one-third of the weight. […..] Learn More

High-Performance Graphite Thermal Management Solutions Increase Battery Performance

In order for battery powered transportation to become fully viable in the near future, energy density of the battery pack must increase. The optimal solution is to use large surface area pouch cell batteries packed tightly together to form highly energy dense modules. NeoGraf Solutions’ has produced a new video that shows unique an-isotropic arrangement of the high conductivity graphene layers in their SpreaderShield™ graphite. It illustrates how the material prevents battery hot spots, maintaining allowable temperatures and restricts transferring the heat to adjacent battery cells with the thinnest and lightest form-factor possible. [...]Learn More

Thermal Propagation Control Strategies in the Electric Vehicle Industry Using SpreaderShield™ Flexible Graphite

When it comes to safety in an Electric Vehicle (EV), the most important aspect is controlling the massive amount of energy stored in the battery pack. To help with this, significant advances have been made in cell design and battery management systems (BMS). However, even with these advances, the possibility of a single-cell failure is always present. SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite heat spreaders are often used as the thermal management material in high-performance battery packs where a small and lightweight form factor is desirable. [...]Learn More

Automotive Transition to EV’s Creates New Challenges and New Opportunities

The EV space is developing at an accelerated rate, and it is critical to create safe and reliable transportation. This development creates challenges and opportunities for OEMs and Tier 1s to smoothly and successfully make the transition to EV. NeoGraf Solutions remains committed to this transition in the transportation industry.Learn More

Flexible Graphite Use in Electric Vehicles

Over the last fifteen years, most of the common consumer electronic devices have gradually become thinner and lighter. Large screen TV’s, cell phones, laptops, and tablets have all had reductions in size and weight, even though the devices themselves are becoming more powerful. One of the main reasons for this has been the switch to flexible graphite heat spreaders.Learn More

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