Introduced to the marketplace in 1967 as the first original flexible graphite technology, GRAFOIL® products have long been used in a wide array of applications across many industries.  A superior gasketing material solution for highly engineered products, GRAFOIL products provide the ideal balance of thermal stability, thermal conductivity, natural lubricity, chemical resistance, and fluid sealing for the oil and gas industry, chemical plants, automotive gasketing, as well as nuclear and industrial applications.

GRAFOIL® products have recently been designated as a critical supply requirement by customers in many markets deemed as essential to maintain during the battle against COVID-19.

GRAFOIL products are used in support of:

  • Critical infrastructure companies and organizations
  • Industrial infrastructure organizations, including power generation
  • Life-sustaining industries, such as refining and petrochemical
  • Critical manufacturing and chemical supply chain & safety organizations, including pharmaceutical raw material manufacturers
  • Manufacturers producing battery systems used by the US National Guard

NeoGraf Solutions also offers the eGraf® product line for thermal management that is directly used by the medical industry as it battles the global COVID-19 pandemic, appearing in ultrasound equipment and temperature measurement devices.

What Makes GRAFOIL Unique

GRAFOIL flexible graphite is a distinctive material with all of the essential characteristics of natural graphite material: superior thermal stability, thermal conductivity, natural lubricity, and chemical resistance. GRAFOIL products provide a tight seal, even after repeated exposure to the harshest environments. Additionally, GRAFOIL flexible graphite gasket materials:

  • Outperform conventional elastomeric bonded gasket materials. GRAFOIL flexible graphite is more thermally stable and chemically inert with considerably less creep relaxation than elastomeric bonded gasket materials.
  • Are resistant to heat, have no water of crystallization, are naturally lubricious, chemically inert, and are an excellent conductor of heat and electricity. Unlike manufactured pyrolytic graphite, GRAFOIL material is flexible, compactible, conformable and resilient.
  • Offer an ideal replacement for asbestos-based gaskets. GRAFOIL provides better sealing performance over a wider range of chemical and temperature conditions. The most common asbestos fiber, chrysotile, begins to decompose at 900°F (480°C). Organic elastomeric binders in typical gasket materials begin to decompose at even lower temperatures. GRAFOIL products can withstand temperatures as high as 5400°F (3000°C) in inert
  • Can successfully withstand extended periods of exposure to air at process fluid temperatures up to 840°F (450°C). GRAFOIL material is available with oxidation inhibitors that significantly reduce bulk graphite oxidation rates at temperatures up to 975°F (525°C).
  • Act as an effective sealing material in applications where fire-safe sealants with chemical resistance and thermal stability are required.
  • Are superior to other nonasbestos type sheet gaskets. When nonasbestos fillers such as aramids, fiberglass, and mica are used to replace asbestos, elastomeric components of gaskets increase to maintain saturation and bonding. The elastomer typically reduces gasket thermal stability and increases creep, often resulting in poor performance under load.

Rolls of GRAFOIL flexible graphite are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.003″ to 0.060″ (0.08 to 1.5 mm) and a typical width of 39.4″ (1 m). The typical density is 70 lb/ft3 (1.12 g/cc), and rolls can be supplied in lengths ranging from 100 ft (30.48 m) to as long as 4000’ (1200 m).

GRAFOIL material’s ability to resist heat, fire, corrosion and aggressive chemicals makes it the most universally applicable sealing solution on the market today. Even after decades of material innovations and discoveries, GRAFOIL flexible graphite products continue to support a diverse array of today’s leading manufacturers and critical industries.

As a world-leading North American manufacturer, NeoGraf Solutions is a global supplier that provides consistent, high quality, high-value flexible graphite products that meet the most stringent global environmental sustainability standards. Contact us today to learn more about GRAFOIL and our diverse line of additional high-quality flexible graphite products.

Change Drivers

GraFoil® material was first introduced in 1967 as the original flexible graphite technology. This graphite foil was quickly utilized as the first fluid sealing material made exclusively from pure, natural graphite flake.

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