Our Graf+® powder business is supported by our graphite material science expertise – over 140 years of it!

NeoGraf Solutions can optimize several variables that tailor the end characteristics of our Graf+® graphite powders to meet customer needs. The resulting highly engineered graphite powders are used as additives in a large number of applications.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process begins with specifying the starting raw material. Our selection of natural and synthetic graphite can deliver a varying degree of crystallinity and purity.

Further, we tailor the processing of these raw materials to deliver a differentiated graphite powder. Our expertise in chemical treating, thermal processing, and milling allows us to offer the broadest range of critical powder characteristics.

NeoGraf’s Graf+® Graphite Powders

NeoGraf Solutions manufactures natural and synthetic graphite powders and nanoplatelets within the Graf+® product line. Graf+ graphite powders are available in a range of particle sizes and purities depending on the end-use application. The graphite powders are available as dry powders, compounded with polymers (masterbatches) or as pastes. Graf+ graphite powders comes in three main variations

  1. Natural graphite (NG) derived from naturally occurring flake graphite
  2. Expanded Natural Graphite (ENG) in which flake graphite is intercalated with acids and then expanded at high temperatures to produce a higher surface area powder
  3. Synthetic Graphite (SG) derived from either graphitized coke, polyimide or a pitch coke/blend

All the above materials are available as jet milled powders over the particle size range of ~ 5-25 µm with coarser sieved fractions available on request. Graphite purity varies from < 95% Carbon to > 99.9% Carbon. Typical properties and purity levels are shown here. These powders can all be made available in masterbatches that are tailored for use in Polystyrene (PS), Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) applications. The powders can also be combined with mineral oil and petrolatum to produce pastes.

Common Applications for Graphite Powders

Graf+ graphite powders are suitable for a broad range of applications and used primarily in the building and construction, energy storage, conducting polymer and lubricant markets. Graf+ graphite powders are commonly used as additives in batteries, foams, greases, lubricants, polymers, fuel cells, paints, adhesives, and coatings to enhance electrical and thermal conductivity, reduce degradation to UV radiation, increase insulation value in foams and modify lubrication, friction & wear characteristics. Example applications include:

  • In extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam boards expanded graphite materials provide multiple functions. Addition of as little as 1-3% graphite:
    1. Improves thermal insulation value ~ 14-18% by attenuating infrared radiation
    2. Acts as an ultraviolet light UV stabilizer
    3. Acts as a gas barrier
    4. During foaming the graphite acts as a nucleating agent and modifies the rheology of the blowing agent-laden polystyrene melt and reduces the amount of static on the board surface during the shaping process
    5. Recommended grade Graf+20-B-ENG
  • In battery applications (alkaline, li-ion, lead acid) both natural and expanded natural graphite materials are commonly used as conductive additives, providing excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, chemical stability and high purity. Expanded graphite, by virtue of its higher surface area, is used where the goal is to maximize the active material content. Recommended grade Graf+20-A-ENG
  • In thread sealant pastes for long life sealing performance even under the most severe temperature and pressure conditions.
  • In polymers to increase electrical and thermal conductivity for anti-static, static dissipative and conducting polymer applications.

NeoGraf Solutions offers the most in-depth knowledge and expertise concerning graphite powders and the latest flexible graphite solutions and materials. We specialize in the development and manufacture of high-quality, environmentally sustainable natural and synthetic graphite sourced in North America and manufactured in-house. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to discuss whether our graphite solutions are right for your application.


Graf+® graphite powders can be added to a range of polymers to enhance thermal and electrical conductivity, reduce degradation to UV radiation, and increase insulation value in foams and boards.

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