NeoGraf’s Quality Commitment

The main goal of the quality department, along with the entire NeoGraf team, is to provide our customers with products and services that comply with requirements, while meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations for performance, reliability, and safety at a competitive cost. Most importantly, we maintain a healthy ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.

Quality Assurance Challenges In The Graphite Industry

Many industries use measurement devices that maintain physical contact with the material as the surface can sustain contact with the measurement device without causing surface damage. Since our flexible graphite has a softer, impressionable surface, we have developed proprietary techniques to ensure high standards of quality.

We have installed non-contact measurement devices for in-process feedback while we manufacture our flexible graphite rolls. Additionally, NeoGraf maintains a visual standard to ensure our team is diligent in providing our customers with material that meets or exceeds their expectations.

New Product Development and Innovation

Quality assurance is a critical element in new product development and innovation.  As NeoGraf develops new products, our quality team partners with Research and Development to create and review product specifications.  On the process side, our quality team is engaged with our engineers to design new processes and ensure process capability.

Quality assurance is essential to our success, ensuring our customers receive material that meets their requirements and is free of defects.  Investing in quality allows us to build trust and maintain strong relationships with our customers, mutually growing our businesses.

How We Work

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