1. Why did NeoGraf Solutions expand into Jet Milling Services?

NeoGraf Solutions offers Jet Milling Services to meet the needs of customers whose product requirements fall outside of our Graf+ Graphite Powders product portfolio. These customers use graphite or carbon materials but need assistance in particle size reduction, or they have specialty material needs. In either case, NeoGraf, an expert in graphite material science, is a trusted partner for custom milling services and is happy to partner with customers to help them achieve success.

2. What product variations do you offer in your Graf+ Graphite Powders assortment?

NeoGraf’s Graf+ product line covers a broad spectrum, with sizes from a millimeter order-of-magnitude down to approximately 5 microns. Our offering includes a variety of purity levels – from premium 99.9% carbon content to high-value 95% carbon – and is comprised of expanded natural graphite, natural graphite, and synthetic graphite source materials. Graf+ Graphite Powders are also available as masterbatches, further customized to meet our customers’ requirements.

3. Describe NeoGraf’s milling capabilities beyond Graf+ Graphite Powders.

In addition to our broad Graf+ Graphite Powders assortment, NeoGraf mills a wide variety of graphite and carbon materials to meet specific customers’ needs. We process both pilot- and production-scale quantities of material. Our size and purity capabilities match those of our own Graf+ Graphite Powders and can be further customized upon request. Beyond milling, our in-house R&D team offers a full suite of powder characterization techniques to assure that our products meet our customers’ technical requirements.

4. Which markets benefit from your Jet Milling Services?

Our toll Jet Milling Services benefit customers that need pilot-scale and production-scale particle size reduction for graphite, carbon, and other specialty materials. Typical markets include chemical and polymer additives, activated carbon, electronics, battery additives, foam, roofing, and other materials for building and construction industries.

5. What are some challenges you are faced with in growing your Jet Milling Services business?

NeoGraf Solutions has been a leader in graphite material science for over 135 years. Recently our expertise led us to develop new milling capabilities and powder products and we are challenged to build new customers in this space. Milled carbon and graphite materials are used in a wide variety of end markets, some of which are new to us. Historically through building relationships and partnering with our customers we have achieved great success. And in the case of Jet Milling Services, our in-house capabilities to customize product, process and testing brings further opportunities to partner with new customers and mutually grow our businesses.

6. What is your outlook for growth over the next 3-5 years?

NeoGraf’s base graphite business is steady and stable, but we look for new opportunities to drive growth. Expansion into graphite powders and Jet Milling Services allows us an opportunity to diversify our product and service portfolio. We expect this business to be a contributing factor to our growth on the horizon. Furthermore, engaging with new customers and business opportunities allows us to continue to expand our presence in the market and maintain our position as a market leader in graphite material science.

How We Work

NeoGraf Solutions, with over 135 years of carbon and graphite material expertise, offers custom jet milling services, unique induction heat treatment services, acid treat services and other custom contract manufacturing services upon request.

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